vendredi 20 juin 2008


Tomorrow, 21st of june, to celebrate the first day of the summmer, to bring consciousness about environnmental issues, to promote a less agressive way to move in the city and for lot's of other good reasons, there's cyclonudista!

The idea: riding bikes naked through the ctiy to show people the vulnerability of cyclists in the cities' traffic

the place: place de la monnaie (city center)

the time: 2 pm-4 30pm

bring your bike aund nothing else...

i'll be there to take pictures of course :-)))))))))))))

see you there!

ps: if you shout"Tof people" while you're on the place de la monnaie and if I'm not too ashamed, I'll offer you a special portrait...

ps2: if it's raining, well, hum, I'll offer you a pintje at the Dolle Mol

more info at: http: //

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