samedi 26 juillet 2008

It's time for Pleinopenair!!!

What I consider as the most meaningful event in Brussels comes back this year for 3 big weekend appointments (and 2 smaller midweek)

The pitch is simple: The Nova, an alternative movie theatre from Brussels' downtown organises open air (hence the name;-) screenings of a selection of not-usually-to-be-seen movies. It always takes place in some derelict and/ not widely known parts of town, wastelands being speculated upon (like the Quartier Nord, the Gare du Midi, the Administrative city...)
The movies have possibly a connection with urban issues, socials problems or any psychedelic link...
there are also concerts, performances, a bar and sometimes a restaurant...

so this august the places and the dates are...

fri 01-sat 02
Gare de l'ouest (near the homonymous metro station)
fri 08-sat 09
Quartier maritime (near Tour et Taxis)
fri 15-sat 16
Neerpede (at the outskirts of the city a shuttle will run from the city centre from the cathedral St Michel et Gudule, with the metro it's near the Erasme terminus)

it can be really windy and cold... so bring some warm cloth (even in the summer-you're in Belgium yunno...)

in case of real bad bad weather all is displaced at nova cinema itself...

the 2 "small" appointments are
wednesday 06 "Trattoria Da Gino" nera the north train station
wednesday 13 "123 rue royale", the squatt near teh Botanique neighbourhood

so check the site with all the infos

be there or be square!

ps: please don't shout Tof People! during the projection I won't even react ;-)

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